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Tatiana Shiryaeva

5 pieces, 7inches tall.
Tatiana is a graduate of Abramtsevo Art College. She is one of the most famous Matryoshka artists in the world. She has been making Matryoshka for the last ten years; her works are included in catalogues and displayed in a number of real and virtual exhibitions. Her style of painting is the best rendition of the Matryoshka ideal. This style is very decorative, monumental and expressive in its silhouette, as well as being highly-detailed and very professional in its graphics. But at the same time they are well detailed and very professional in its graphics. Tatiana's dolls are special in their owncolourfully-drawn style - there is no mistaking her artistry. You can see her great skill and experience in each finished doll. She coats all her dolls with self-mixed matt varnish to protect her work. Tatiana is very busy and there are always new designs in progress at her workshop - when they are completed they leave Russia to join collections all over the world.
Tatiana is also a successful painter of icons.

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