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Lyuba Malova

egg  egg   
Lyuba Malova does not paint Matryoshka dolls; instead she paints wooden eggs, and her creations are more inspired and individual than those of other artists. Those tiny painted miniatures could be maximally increased and they seam to be the real masterpieces full of lyrics and perfect in colors. Each egg is a miniature masterpiece, full of colour and perfect detail. Lyuba spends a lot of time creating each miniature - she puts all her soul in, and her memories and images of her lovely people. It's impossible to persuade her to simplify her work in order to produce more pieces and make more money. She is completely dedicated to her work. That's sometimes why people who love her creations usually wait a while for their orders, but the wait is worthwhile when each piece takes pride of place in their art collection. Lyuba is a very interesting person, she has a very dramatic lifestyle. She is one of those rare people who are able to infuse heavenly inspiration in daily life. In Russian her name "Lyubov" means Love. Malova

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