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Author Natalia Kulikova lives in Moscow. She has been a student at The School Of Practical Design, "The Doll Art" department, and Doll Design Courses by S.Voskresenskaya. This artist has also participated in a lot of toy exhibitions, including a show organised by Presidential administration. Her bears are in collections in Russia, Norway and Germany.
Natalia creates tiny bears, but each of them has his/her own character and expression. Each is hand made, one-of-a-kind.
Natalia's daughter Mary has now begun to make small teddy bears under her mother's tuition, so these two skilled artists have started a dynasty.

"Molly" 3 1/2 inches, mohair, one of a kind, $ 35

"Karmen" 4 1/2 inches,cotton, silk, SOLD

Kulikova Maria (daughter),"Laurenty", 4 inches. cotton, wool, $ 30

"Paul", 4 1/2 inches, $ 35

"Marisya", 4 inches, cotton, $ 35

"Janek", 3 1/2 inches, $ 30

"Andy", SOLD

"Lotta", 4 1/2, cotton, antic lace, $ 40


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