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Natasha Dubrovskaya and Edward Saifulmulyukov

Natalia and Edward are the family pair and also share a successful art union. They both studied at Abramtsevo Art School; after graduation they worked in a private ceramics studio creating real masterpieces of porcelain decoration. Now Edward is a talented and busy painter - his oil paintings are in the tradition of the Russian realistic school, but at the same time they are freestyled and decorative in the best tradition of Abramtsevo. He also makes delicate collages in a patchwork style. Natalia is also a painter and graphic artist as well as clothes designer - she creates her own clothes and that's why she pays a lot of attention to the costume details of her Matryoshkas. Dolls created by these two artists are notable for their extreme detail - in one piece, for example, it is possible to distinguish thirty different Dutch tiles on the stove in the background. Usually these artists choose fairytale themes, taken from both Russian and European tales. They also successfully produce collections of dolls illustrating Jewish traditional folklore and ancient Jewish history. All the works by Dubrovsky and Saifulmulyukov are rich in wisdom, culture and their wonderful sense of humour.

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