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Alfira Gataullina hwo lives in Pushkino, 40 km from Moscow, and Elmira Makhmutova hwo lives in Moscow, sign their toys "Buharaev Sisters" - it's a "trademark" based on their maiden name. The two artists make bears of different sizes, but they are especially well-known for their very small creatures - some of their bears are only about an inch tall, but also have moving paws and characters!
Alfira is a schoolteacher, and still teaches as well as running her successful toy business. The two artists organised a "Museum Of Toy History" for children in Pushkino, a town located in the famous Sergiev-Posad region - the original place of many Russian toy styles. The sisters teach children to be museum guides, to make and restore old toys, etc - they say most of "their" children come from streets and often can not "connect two words in a phrase", but later they start to be real "experts" in the toy art and the history of their place. The artists work with children as volunteers, as they are enthusiasts and love children and toys.
The artists use only natural materials including vintage mohair and lace; they have taken part in many Russian toy shows. All their bears are unique.


"My Heart" 2 inches, mohair, SOLD


"Traveller", 2 1/2 inches, mohair, $ 35


"Valentin", 2 inches, mohair, $ 40


"Valentina", 2 inches, mohair, $ 40

"Dachshound", 3 inches, antic carpet, $ 30

"Vanya" 2 1/2 inches, RESERVED

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